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  • koca odsev

    Lake of Kočevska Reka

    The Lake of Kočevska Reka is located in the valley below Kočevska Reka. It is registered as a reserve and no spatial interventions are permitted there. It is inhabited by pikes, skis, carps, lines, tusks, redheads, perch, toothless mollusks and alder crayfish.


    Rinža River

    It is the only river in the Kočevje region and is a characteristic karst disappearing river, which is 14 km long. The spring of the river is Reberski well, located at the foot of Stojna near the village Mrtvice. It flows into the Sava River Basin, through the river affluents of Kolpa and Krka.


    The Kolpa River

    It is a border river between Slovenia and Croatia, which originates in the Risnjak National Park in Croatia. The total length of the river is 292 km. It has great hydrological, zoological and ecosystem importance and is a very popular tourist spot.


    Rajhenavski Rog Primeval Forest

    The Rajhenavski Rog Primeval Forest stretches over 50 hectares of large forested remains dominated by beech and fir. It is also home to a diverse community of fungi and small animals that break down deadwood. Near the Primeval Forest stands the Queen of Rog, 51 meters high and one of the mightiest fir trees in our country.


    Prelesnik Collapse Valley

    Prelesnik Collapse Valley is characterized by a 40-meter-deep impact cave in the Ušiva Cave area near Rajhenav. It was named after the forester of Kočevje, Anton Prelesnik. The Collapse Valley can be seen from the Roška footpath.


    Primeval forest reserve Strmec

    The Strmec primeval forest lies on the southern slope of Stojna. It is overgrown mainly with fir and beech, and in parts with maple and spruce.


    Krempa Forest Reserve

    It is the focal point of the Borovec Nature Trail and a popular excursion destination with a view over the Kolpa River Canyon.

  • Kraljica Roga

    The Queen of Rog

    It is located in Kočevski Rog, near the former sawmill and is one of the most beautiful trees in Rog. With its 55 metres, it is the tallest fir tree in Slovenia.


    Pugled-Žiben Forest Reserve

    Many World War II memorials are located here along with the ruins of the villages Pugled and Žiben.


    The thickest walnut tree in Slovenia

    On a hill in the middle of the village Kočevska Reka you will find a park with a chestnut avenue and the thickest known walnut tree in Slovenia.


    White Willow in Kostel

    It is about 100 years old and measures 557 cm in circumference and 23 meters in height. It grows in the village Vas in Kostel.


    Fridrihštajn Castle

    Fridrihštajn Castle was built by Frederick 2nd for his mistress Veronika Deseniska in the 15th century. It is located south of Kočevje and today, only ruins remain of the castle.


    Kočevje railway station

    It is based on Kolodvorska street. Passenger transport will be resuming soon.


    Ice cave at Stojna

    In the middle of the Stojna Forest Reserve, there is an Ice Cave south of the cottage near Jelenov Studenec. It can also be called an underground glacier. The entrance to the cave is 50 meters deep in the abyss.

  • Aktivnosti Ribolov2 min

    Kočevje fishing club

    The primary mission of the Kočevje fishing club is to protect and cultivate fish and to protect aquatic and aquatic ecosystems in the Kočevje fishing district.


    Eleonora's Cave

    It is 25 meters deep, 130 meters long and has three halls. It lies near the Strmec forest. Entry is only possible with the guidance of cavers and mountaineers, who also take care of it.


    Rog Sawmill

    Today, the Rog sawmill is just another clearing in Kočevski Rog, where some ruins are found and is a popular excursion destination. Before the First World War, the Rog sawmill was considered the largest and most modern wood processing plant in Slovenia.


    MSNZ Memorial Park

    The memorial park of the Maneuver structure of national protection in Kočevska Rijeka is one of the foundations of the Slovenian state and a value center for the formation of the Slovenian Armed Forces.


    Church of St. John the Baptist in Kočevska Reka

    During and after World War II, many sacral structures were demolished in the closed area of Kočevska Reka and Gotenica, including the Church of St. John the Baptist. In 1999, at the site of the baroque church, a new church was dedicated to the same saint.

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    ECO village Rinčica

    Eco village Rinčica is located in the Poljanska Valley along the Kolpa River and offers a true nature experience in glamping wooden houses set right next to the Kolpa River.


    Muhvič camping and lodging

    The Muhvič Camp is located directly along the Kolpa River, in the village of Dol. They offer accommodation, a well-kept private beach, a children's playground, canoeing and bicycle rental.


    Tourist Association Brezpotja

    The Tourist Association strives to unite the providers of tourist offer in the wider Kočevje region and to achieve the common goals of tourism development in the Municipality of Kočevje and beyond.

  • TINE CO. D.O.O.

    Tine & Co. d.o.o.

    For more than 20 years, they have been organizing rafting trips through the Kolpa, boating, sledding and cycling, with a particular focus on safety. They also offer accommodations at Kano Camp or wooden glamping houses in the eco village of Rinčica.


    Gaj Kočevje Sports Center

    The facility of the Gaj Recreation Sports Center is located in the Gaj Park, close to the Rinža River and is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is intended for all sports visitors, and hikers and cyclists use it as a starting point for their excursions.

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    Kočevje Cultural Center - KCK

    Kočevje Cultural Center is the central venue for cultural and artistic events in Kočevje.


    Kočevje Veterinary Station

    Kočevje Veterinary Station offers favorable and quality veterinary services and takes care of your furry pets.


    Nežica stream and its waterfalls

    The Nežica stream is located by the route Kočevje-Petrina. The highest and most famous of the three waterfalls, the 10 meters high Nežica Waterfall, is visible from the main road.


    Bus Station Kočevje

    Bus Station Kočevje is located in the city center and connects the city of Kočevje with various places around Slovenia.

  • Pranger Predgrad 2 Sasa Hrovatin

    Pillory "Pranger" in Predgrad

    One of the twelve remaining preserved pillories "pranger" in Slovenia is located in Predgrad.

  • ranc marina naslovna

    Ranch Marina

    Ranch Marina is a forest fairy tale for anyone who wants to experience a true "western" style holiday.

  • Turizem Kaps 1 min min

    Tourism in the village Kapš

    Tourism in the village Kapš is located in the Poljanska Valley, in the idyllic village of Prelesje. The vicinity of the Kolpa River attracts fishermen and numerous opportunities for nature activities.

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    Lobič Malenca Homestead

    The homestead lies on the southeastern border of Slovenia, along the border river Kolpa. The house is completely renovated, very comfortable and it is possible to rent the whole house or individual apartments.

  • Kolparaft Skender1 min

    Kolparaft Skender

    They offer rafts, mini-rafts or kayaks for rent with all the necessary equipment and the accompaniment of an experienced guide to exploring the Kolpa River. They also offer accommodation.

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    Tourist Farm "Pri Papeževih"

    The farm offers overnight stays in a well-kept farmhouse, the possibility of renting mountain bikes, organizing activities in the Kolpa River and participating in farm chores.

  • Zavod Nesseltal 1 min min

    Institute for preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik

    Institute for the preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik takes care of the protection and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage and the promotion of the village of Koprivnik and the entire Kočevska region.

  • Domacija Rugole1 min

    Rugole Homestead

    The Rugole Homestead is located in the fairytale-like village of Bosljiva Loka, offering affordable and well-appointed accommodations.

  • kmetija rajhenav

    Farm Rajhenav

    The farm is located in the heart of the Kočevje forests and is home to livestock and beekeeping. They also have accommodation available.

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    Apartments Šuster

    The Šuster Apartments are located in Stari trg by the Kolpa River, in the part of the Poljanska Valley, where a large part is covered by forests and pastures.

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  • Lukceva Domacija1 min

    Lukec Homestead

    The homestead is farmed organically, with an emphasis on preserving nature and tradition, offering lodging and various social and entertaining ways of spending time.


    The Krokar Virgin Forest

    The Krokar Virgin Forest represents the beauty and intactness of the virgin beech forests on the surface of over 75 hectares. It is a strict reservation, also a part of the Natura 2000 area, and represents an ecosystem of a constantly changing balance between the soil, climate and countless living organisms – from microscopic organisms to bears.


    Caves of Željne

    The caves between the villages of Željne and Šalka vas, east of Kočevje, are an extremely interesting horizontal cave system about 1,600 metres in length with more than ten entrances.


    Regional museum of Kočevje and the Šešek Home

    The Regional Museum of Kočevje was founded in 1952 on the initiative of the Museum Society of Kočevje and is based in the building of the Šešek Home.


    Lake Kočevje

    Lake Kočevje or Rudnik Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia and was formed on the abandoned opencast mine of the brown coal mine of Kočevsko in 1978. With a surface area of 1.5km2 it is suitable for swimming, surfing, boating and diving enthusiasts in the summer and ice skating enthusiasts in the winter, and is famous as a popular fishing destination among fishermen.

  • Hostel Bearlog Jost Gantar MALA 100

    Bearlog Hostel

    Bearlog Hostel is the first hostel in Kočevsko and is located in a renovated house with rich history. The central Tourist Information Centre of the destination of Kočevsko is also located in the Hostel, where you can find information on numerous local activities and events.

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    Camp Jezero Kočevsko

    Camp Jezero Kočevsko has designated spaces for mobile homes, trailers and tents, and it offers accommodation in glamping cottages as well.

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    TIC Kočevska Reka and the Škrilj Bunker assembly point

    The Tourist Information Centre Kočevska Reka offers information for tourists and free publications about the tourist services of the region of Kočevsko. It is also an info point and an assembly point for the underground Škrilj Bunker.

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    Kostel Castle

    The Kostel Castle with its accompanying market is the second largest castle complex in Slovenia. It was built in the 13th century and invites you to visit it and enjoy the magnificent view of the landscape and experience the pulse of medieval times.


    Tourist Complex Jezero (TIC)

    The Tourist Information Centre Kočevje is located in the Tourist Complex Jezero. The info point offers visitors all cultural, tourist, sports and other information from the area of ​​Kočevsko.

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  • Gostisce Tri Zvezde 1 min min