• apartmaji suster thumbnail

    Apartments Šuster

    The Šuster Apartments are located in Stari trg by the Kolpa River, in the part of the Poljanska Valley, where a large part is covered by forests and pastures.

  • Hostel Bearlog Jost Gantar MALA 100

    Bearlog Hostel

    Bearlog Hostel is the first hostel in Kočevsko and is located in a renovated house with rich history. The central Tourist Information Centre of the destination of Kočevsko is also located in the Hostel, where you can find information on numerous local activities and events.

  • apartmaji in prenocisca bilpa thumbnail

    Bilpa Apartments and Lodging

    Bilpa apartments and lodging offer various types of accommodation (apartments, tents) and many activities - miniraft and bike rental, fishing.

  • kmetija njivenski in kanu kamp radenci

    Camping Kanu Radenci ob Kolpi

    Camping Kanu Radenci ob Kolpi is located in the village Srednji Radenci about 5 km away from village Stari trg ob Kolpi.

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    Camp Jezero Kočevsko

    Camp Jezero Kočevsko has designated spaces for mobile homes, trailers and tents, and it offers accommodation in glamping cottages as well.

  • kamp zaga thumbnail

    Camp Žaga

    Camp Žaga is a smaller family campsite near Kolpa, located on the edge of the picturesque village of Gorenja Žaga.

  • CSOD Fara

    Center for school and after-school activities Fara

    They offer outdoor school programs, summer vacations and affordable accommodation for societies and sports groups.

  • eko vasica rincica 005

    ECO village Rinčica

    Eco village Rinčica is located in the Poljanska Valley along the Kolpa River and offers a true nature experience in glamping wooden houses set right next to the Kolpa River.

  • Skavtski Okoljski Center Kocevski Rog1 min
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    Excursion farm Zdravič

    They provide animation programs for closed groups, organize bachelor parties, fun dance nights, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, etc. Call before visiting!

  • kmetija rajhenav

    Farm Rajhenav

    The farm is located in the heart of the Kočevje forests and is home to livestock and beekeeping. They also have accommodation available.

  • koca odsev

    Forest Cottage Studeno

    This idyllic forest cottage is located on the edge of a forest clearing and offers comfortable leisure with its unusual, relaxed and homey interior.

  • koprivnik 1

    GOSTel in the Middle of Nowhere

    In the heart of Kočevski Rog lies the idyllic Kočevje village of Koprivnik, where the homestead and GOSTel are located and you will be greeted by: Matjaž, Darka and their dog Ruppi.

  • Mlin Grbac ucna ARK kmetija

    Grbac Mill

    The Grbac Mill is located just below the Nežica Waterfall, and next to it is a learning farm where you can learn about endangered animal species, refresh yourself with colorful bread or a real farm breakfast.

  • Hotel Kovac 1 min min

    Hotel Kovač

    A three-star hotel with a wide range of activities and a Spa & Wellness Center. A facility with shared beds for large groups is also available.

  • Koca Pri Jelenovem Studencu 1 min min
  • Kolparaft Skender1 min

    Kolparaft Skender

    They offer rafts, mini-rafts or kayaks for rent with all the necessary equipment and the accompaniment of an experienced guide to exploring the Kolpa River. They also offer accommodation.

  • domacija lobic malenca thumbnail

    Lobič Malenca Homestead

    The homestead lies on the southeastern border of Slovenia, along the border river Kolpa. The house is completely renovated, very comfortable and it is possible to rent the whole house or individual apartments.

  • Lukceva Domacija1 min

    Lukec Homestead

    The homestead is farmed organically, with an emphasis on preserving nature and tradition, offering lodging and various social and entertaining ways of spending time.

  • 08 Vasja Marinc Luza 2 1


    The cottage at Luža was built as a residence for forest workers at a time when there was no forest road leading to Luža yet. Adjacent to the larger building was a horse stable and a residence for coachmen.

  • Madronic 1 min min

    Madronič Guesthouse

    The Madronič Guesthouse offers its guests three-star rooms, excellent trout food and a wide selection of wines.


    Muhvič camping and lodging

    The Muhvič Camp is located directly along the Kolpa River, in the village of Dol. They offer accommodation, a well-kept private beach, a children's playground, canoeing and bicycle rental.

  • ostarija2

    Oštarija, restaurant & hotel

    Indulge your taste buds with the magic of superb flavors and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the embrace of the picturesque Dolenjske Toplice.

  • penzion tusek thumbnail

    Pension Tušek Jezero

    They offer a relaxing holiday in a quiet and peaceful environment in the immediate vicinity of Lake Kočevje. Don't miss their home-made dish specialties.

  • rozni vrt1
  • lovski dom polo thumbnail

    Polom Hunting Lodge

    The hunting lodge is located in the village of Polom in the middle of the forest. It offers comfortable accommodation with warm wood accents and good food.

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    Rafting Kolpa

    Here you can rent a kayak, canoe or raft to enjoy in water activities and water sports on Kolpa river.

  • Slika 16

    Ranch Marina

    Ranch Marina is a forest fairy tale for anyone who wants to experience a true "western" style holiday.

  • Domacija Rugole1 min

    Rugole Homestead

    The Rugole Homestead is located in the fairytale-like village of Bosljiva Loka, offering affordable and well-appointed accommodations.

  • rupicapra1

    Rupicapra Holiday Home

    The Rupicapra holiday home is ideal for family vacations and relaxing holidays in the embrace of nature.

  • Turisticna Kmetija Majerle1 min

    The Majerle Tourist Farm

    The tourist farm near Kolpa offers apartments or rooms and breakfast with local farm produce, as well as lunch and dinner on request.

  • Gostisce Tri Zvezde 1 min min

    The Three Star Inn (Tri zvezde)

    They have been involved in the catering business since 1986 and offer accommodation (double rooms) and various Slovenian dishes (lunches and A La Carte).

  • Turizem Kaps 1 min min

    Tourism in the village Kapš

    Tourism in the village Kapš is located in the Poljanska Valley, in the idyllic village of Prelesje. The vicinity of the Kolpa River attracts fishermen and numerous opportunities for nature activities.

  • Turizem Na Vasi Rade1 min
  • Turisticna Kmetija In Avtokamp Konda1 min

    Tourist farm and autocamp Konda

    The Konda Camp is part of the Konda tourist farm, where they biologically produce most of the food they offer to their guests. 

  • izletniska kmetija padovac thumbnail

    Tourist Farm Padovac

    Tourist farm along the border river Kolpa is completely renovated and very comfortable. It is possible to rent the whole house or individual apartments. They offer a variety of local Kostel dishes and horseback riding.

  • domacija papez thumbnail

    Tourist Farm "Pri Papeževih"

    The farm offers overnight stays in a well-kept farmhouse, the possibility of renting mountain bikes, organizing activities in the Kolpa River and participating in farm chores.

  • Gostisce Veronika1 min

    Veronika Guesthouse

    In one of the most important secession buildings in Slovenia, the Veronika Guesthouse offers comfortable rooms and a variety of dishes and wines.