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    Apartments Šuster

    The Šuster Apartments are located in Stari trg by the Kolpa River, in the part of the Poljanska Valley, where a large part is covered by forests and pastures.

  • Hostel Bearlog Jost Gantar MALA 100

    Bearlog Hostel

    Bearlog Hostel is the first hostel in Kočevsko and is located in a renovated house with rich history. The central Tourist Information Centre of the destination of Kočevsko is also located in the Hostel, where you can find information on numerous local activities and events.

  • kmetija njivenski in kanu kamp radenci
  • Zavod Nesseltal 1 min min

    Institute for preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik

    Institute for the preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik takes care of the protection and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage and the promotion of the village of Koprivnik and the entire Kočevska region.

  • Kolparaft Skender1 min

    Kolparaft Skender

    They offer rafts, mini-rafts or kayaks for rent with all the necessary equipment and the accompaniment of an experienced guide to exploring the Kolpa River. They also offer accommodation.

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    Lobič Malenca Homestead

    The homestead lies on the southeastern border of Slovenia, along the border river Kolpa. The house is completely renovated, very comfortable and it is possible to rent the whole house or individual apartments.

  • Lukceva Domacija1 min

    Lukec Homestead

    The homestead is farmed organically, with an emphasis on preserving nature and tradition, offering lodging and various social and entertaining ways of spending time.