The forest reigns in Kočevsko. The abundance of peace and quiet invites visitors to connect with themselves in the embrace of trees. Forget about time, disconnect from the digital world so that you can hear your thoughts. The many possibilities of active and cultural explorations of the country will fill you with the energy of nature. You are invited to experience the hospitality of the nature of Kočevsko.

Enter the Forests of Kočevsko

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Virgin forest




Virgin forest

The Kočevsko region offers a primeval experience of the forest, where you can feel the healing power of ancient trees.   Breathe in fresh forest air, listen to the sound of birds, observe the movement of tree tops in the wind, caress tree trunks and simply become one with nature. The mighty nature of the forests of Kočevsko leaves a deep impression that arouses a desire to return. Set out on an adventure and feel the intensity of the ancient times in the remarkable Kočevski Rog and in the virgin forests of Rajhenavski Rog and Krokar. The latter is a part of the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The diverse landscape allows for various ways of discovering Kočevsko, as it is crisscrossed with a network of hiking and cycling trails. Regardless of which route you choose, you will be rewarded with picturesque views.

In the World of Wildlife

Meet the inhabitants of the forest and create experiences in the heart of ancient forests. The most powerful animal of the forests of Kočevsko is definitely  the majestic brown bear. You can get acquainted with it on guided tours through the forest or through a camera lens. With some luck, wildlife can also be seen simply while walking through the forest. If you keep your eyes peeled and sharpen your senses, you could be surprised by a deer, roe deer, lynx, fox, wolf or wild boar. You can also admire various types of birds, fish and other interesting animals along the Kočevje Lake.

Do not worry, i it is completely safe to observe the animals. You can observe the wild animals in an organised group with experienced guides who know the forest well. You will be presented with numerous attractions from the animal world in a relaxed and educational way.

Explore guided tours and trips in Kočevsko


Kočevsko offers a variety of guided experiences - go on a guided bear-watching tour or explore our secret forests.

Discover the beauty of aquatic treasures

Forests are intertwined with clean waterand together create a harmony of green and blue. Experience the beauty of rivers and lakes that are renowned for their cleanliness and life energy. Find your inspiration by the water.
Visit one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia, Lake Kočevje, a habitat of various types of plants and animals, which is a popular recreational point all year round. The beautiful River Kolpa offers many adventure experiences, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and sports at the same time. To discover the charms of the water, however, you do not need to go deep into the forest, as the mysterious karst River Rinža flows through the town.

Regardless of which route you choose when exploring Kočevsko, you will be rewarded with picturesque views.

Learn about Culture and History

In the idyllic nature of the Kočevsko region, people and their cultures came together throughout history and have written special stories of the cultural heritage of Kočevsko. Its diverse history was marked by peasant revolts, Turkish uprisings and both world wars. The centenary coexistence of the Gottschee Germans and Slovenes had a significant impact on the cultural heritage of the area. Listen to the stories of the past when visiting the castles of Friedrichstein and  Kostel and descend into a secret bunker deep in the underworld.

The Hospitable Municipalities of Kočevsko

The destination of Kočevsko comprises the area of two municipalities – Kočevje and Kostel. They are connected by a rich natural and cultural heritage that offers visitors a different and unforgettable holiday in nature. Get to know their specialities by walking along the Kočevsko region and create some lovely memories.


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