Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Kočevje

The Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Kočevje was established by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Kočevje on September 29, 2015 with the Ordinance on the establishment of a Public Institute in the Field of Tourism and Culture in the Municipality of Kočevje.

In 2016, the destination brand Kočevsko - The Secret Forest of Slovenia was established, which accelerated the implementation of the tourism development strategy in cooperation with tourism providers in Kočevsko, covering the municipalities of Kočevje and Kostel.

General Data

Public Institute for Tourism and Culture Kočevje (Kočevsko Institute)
Trg zbora odposlancev 62, 1330 Kočevje
1330 Kočevje
Head Office: T: +386 (0) 82 00 94 86


By 2025, Kočevsko will become an internationally recognised and attractive tourist destination for tourists and visitors that want an active and adventurous vacation in the authenticity of nature. The destination will meet the expectations of a demanding, active and ecologically aware tourist, which will contribute to the long-term preservation of the natural and cultural heritage and social and economic well-being of the people of Kočevsko.

Our work reflects the vision of Slovenian tourism to make Slovenia a destination for five-star green, healthy and active experiences, with Kočevsko to become a top destination for five-star rated forest experiences.

The mission of all destination stakeholders is to develop a high-quality and recognisable tourist offer. The offer of the new recognisable destination of Kočevsko will be attractive to tourists, while being sustainable and responsible for long-term and successful business operations. It will ensure the preservation of ecosystems and natural processes, natural values, the diversity of habitat types, animal and plant species, as well as the quality and diversity of landscapes, the preservation of cultural heritage and the quality of cultural landscape, which is the result of many years of coexistence between locals and nature. The organisation and networking of stakeholders will develop a unified destination with greater synergies that are reflected in growth and development, and above all in the well-being and satisfaction of the local community.

Kočevsko is also part of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism - a tool developed at the national level and a certification programme that brings together all efforts directed towards the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, offers tools to destinations and service providers that enable them to evaluate and improve their sustainability endeavours and promotes these green endeavours through the Slovenia Green umbrella brand. With this scheme, sustainable models are introduced into Slovenian tourism at the level of tourism providers and destinations, which are responsible for the sustainable development of the economic, socio-cultural and natural environment.

SloveniaGreen crop2

As a destination, Kočevsko was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination GOLD Label, while Hostel BearlogCamp Jezero Kočevsko and Lovski dom/Hunting Lodge Polom, carry the Slovenia Green Accommodation label. To enter the Slovenia Green Scheme, Hostel Bearlog has acquired the internationally recognized Travelife certificate, Camp Jezero Kočevsko has acquired the Ecocamping certificate and Lovski dom/Hunting Lodge Polom has acquired the Green key certificate.

In 2021, the Adventure Park RIS (Lynx) became the first certified green attraction located in destination Kočevsko, after acquiring the international sustainability certificate Green Key, as well as the Slovenia Green Attraction certificate of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.

Green Key Slovenia Green Attraction Avanturisticni park RIS

Green safe STO

In 2021, we started implementing the Green & Safe label, created by the Slovenian Tourist Board. With the label Green & Safe we designate and highlight superior hygiene standards and protocols, and sustainable recommendations for tourist service providers in Kočevsko, as well as maintain and increase the trust of our guests through activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability. The Green & Safe label, awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, received the silver award The Golden City Gate for excellence in tourism promotion at the international tourism fair ITB Berlin NOW.

Contact Information

Director: Vesna Malnar Memedovič

Head of the Tourism Sector: Nevenka Klun

Head of the Culture Sector: Nika Stefanisin

PR and social media: Nadija Kolmanic


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