• kalanova pot thumbnail

    Kalan trail

    A short but steep trail leading you to a popular mountain post, called Koča pri Jelenovem studencu.

    • 3.0km
    • 1:00h
    • 460m
    • Hard
  • Kostelska Grajska Pot 1

    Kostel Castle Trail

    Crcular trail in Kostel

    • 14.60km
    • 5:00h
    • 400m
    • Moderate
  • Kostelska planinska pot1

    Kostel mountain trail

    Explore the slopes and the edges of Kočevsko on a 19,1 km long circular mountain path.

    • 19.10km
    • 7:00h
    • 880m
    • Moderate
  • kozice mala pot thumbnail

    Kozice Hiking Trail - Short

    The short nature hiking trail Kozice is circular, starting in the village of Laze near Predgrad.

    • 7.80km
    • 4:00h
    • 590m
    • Easy
  • Roska pot 2

    Rog Hiking Trail

    Marked with a bear’s paw symbol, the trail is a real opportunity for several days of exploring the forests of Rog region.

    • 64.0km
    • 18:00h
    • Hard
  • Rozni Studenec 2

    Rožni Studenec Hiking Trail

    A shorter didactic path suitable for children, with educational and interesting snippets of life in the forest.

    • 1.0km
    • 1:00h
    • Easy
  • Medvedova Pot 1

    Short Bear Trail

    Trail most suitable for school children

    • 700m
    • 0:40h
    • 32m
    • Easy
  • mala kocevska planinska pot thumbnail

    Short Kočevje mountain trail

    The path leads through the unspoiled nature of the Kočevje region, where you will discover the unique habitat of some rare animal and plant species.

    • 53.0km
    • 72:00h
    • 2.50km
    • Hard
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