• DSC03551 Borovska pot

    Borovška nature trail

    Observe the mighty trees of the forest reserve Pragozd Krokar, past which leads the Borovška nature trail.

    • 7.10km
    • 3:00h
    • 330m
    • Moderate
  • Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 507 crop

    Castle trail

    This is a short path, taking you to the remains of the Fridrihštajn Castle.

    • 4.30km
    • 1:45h
    • 611m
    • Moderate
  • plezalna pot na fridrihstajn thumbnail

    Climbing Path to Fridrihštajn

    Climbing path that leads you over the overhanging walls of Fridrihštajn.

    • 0:09h
    • 45m
    • Hard
  • Pugled 1

    Dormouse Route

    Route of medium difficulty that leads through the picturesque forests of Kočevsko.

    • 51.50km
    • 4:00h
    • 590m
    • Moderate
  • DSC06685 2

    Eagle's trail

    The Eagle's Trail is an educational trail located in Kočevska Reka by the Lake.

    • 927m
    • 1:00h
    • 10m
    • Easy
  • Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 626 2

    Family Route

    This short family-friendly bicycle trip will lead you past many sights of the Kočevsko region.

    • 14.0km
    • 1:00h
    • 140m
    • Easy
  • Gotenica Goteniski Sneznik Foto Vasja Marinc 1

    Gotenica - Goteniški Snežnik mountain trail

    Climb to the highest peak of Dolenjska and enjoy the view over Kočevsko.

    • 6.0km
    • 3:00h
    • 709m
    • Moderate
  • Roska pot 2

    In the embrace of Kočevski Rog

    Marked with bear’s paw symbol, the trail reveals many natural and cultural sights of Kočevski Rog.

    • 46.0km
    • 5:00h
    • 830m
    • Hard
  • IMG 7401 2

    Jelenov Studenec Hiking Trail

    This didactic trail follows the deer footprints.

    • 2.70km
    • 1:00h
    • 184m
    • Easy
  • kalanova pot thumbnail

    Kalan trail

    A short but steep trail leading you to a popular mountain post, called Koča pri Jelenovem studencu.

    • 3.0km
    • 1:00h
    • 460m
    • Hard
  • Marjan Artnak Kostelski grad 1 2

    Kolpa Cycling Route

    A circular trail that takes you from Kočevje all the way to Kolpa River.

    • 70.0km
    • 4:30h
    • 650m
    • Moderate
  • Kostelska Grajska Pot 1

    Kostel Castle Trail

    Go for a 14.6 km long hiking or cycling trail.

    • 14.60km
    • 5:00h
    • 400m
    • Moderate
  • Kostelska planinska pot1

    Kostel mountain trail

    Explore the slopes and the edges of Kočevsko on a 19,1 km long circular mountain path.

    • 19.10km
    • 7:00h
    • 880m
    • Moderate
  • kozice mala pot thumbnail

    Kozice Hiking Trail - Short

    The short nature hiking trail Kozice is circular, starting in the village of Laze near Predgrad.

    • 7.80km
    • 4:00h
    • 590m
    • Easy
  • Kozice Velika Pot 1

    Kozice Trail – Long

    The long Kozice nature trail has its starting point in Predgrad or Dol by river Kolpa and runs in the opposite direction as the shorter one.

    • 11.40km
    • 6:00h
    • Moderate
  • Oznaka pragozdne poti Krokar

    Krokar primeval forest trail

    The circular hiking trail takes visitors to the immediate vicinity of the mighty Krokar primeval forest.

    • 2.0km
    • 1:00h
    • 150m
    • Easy
  • velika kocevska planinska pot thumbnail

    Long Kočevje mountain trail

    On this route, you will discover in detail the numerous natural beauties of the Kočevsko region.

    • 97.0km
    • 120:00h
    • 3.15km
    • Easy
  • 1 Risovapot2 1mihao

    Lynx Educational Trail

    Lynx education trail is perfect for everyone who is interested in learning about the life of Europe's largest wild cat – the Eurasian lynx.

    • 700m
    • 1:00h
    • Easy
  • 01 Vasja Marinc Kocevsko jezero 3 2

    Lynx Route – Long

    An ideal choice for an all-day escape to nature. Along this bicycle route, you will discover numerous sights of the town and nature of Kočevsko.

    • 61.50km
    • 4:30h
    • 850m
    • Moderate
  • 13 Vasja Marinc Zaga Rog 2 3

    Lynx Route - Short

    A shorter version of the Lynx Route, which takes you to the heart of Kočevski Rog.

    • 51.0km
    • 4:00h
    • 800m
    • Moderate
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