• DSC03551 Borovska pot
    • 7.10km
    • 0:30h
    • 430m
    • Srednja
  • Grajska pot 1 min

    Castle trail

    This is a short path, taking you to the remains of the Fridrihštajn Castle.

    • 3.80km
    • 1:09h
    • 490m
    • Srednja
  • plezalna pot na fridrihstajn thumbnail

    Climbing Path to Fridrihštajn

    Climbing path that leads you over the overhanging walls of Fridrihštajn.

    • 0:09h
    • 45m
    • Težka
  • Pugled 1

    Dormouse route

    The medium difficulty path passes through wooded huts for polhanje (dormouse hunting), which has a long tradition in Kočevje.

    • 51.50km
    • 4:00h
    • 590m
    • Lahka
  • v objemu kocevskega roga thumbnail2

    Rog Hiking Trail

    Marked with bear’s paw symbol, the trail is a real opportunity for several days of exploring the forests of Rog region.

    • 64.0km
    • 72:00h
    • Težka
  • Po Studencih Kocevske daljsa1

    Route along the Kočevje Springs - Long

    A pleasant cycling route where you will find many interesting attractions of Kočevsko region.

    • 31.50km
    • 3:00h
    • 280m
    • Srednja
  • Po Studencih Kocevske krajsa1

    Route along the Kočevje Springs - Short

    A short and undemanding path leading past many of the attractions of Kočevsko region.

    • 14.50km
    • 1:30h
    • 160m
    • Lahka
  • Rozni Studenec 2

    Rožni Studenec Hiking Trail

    A shorter didactic path suitable for children, with educational and interesting snippets of life in the forest.

    • 1.0km
    • 1:00h
    • Lahka