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  • Foto Kapele gozd zima krosnje

    Role of forests in nature

    Written by: Kočevsko

    Delve into the facts about the vital roles forests play in our local environment.

  • KOF LukaFabcic

    The Kočevsko Outdoor Festival is returning to Kočevsko between May 31st and June 2nd 2024, which will offer a real running challenge to running enthusiasts in our unspoiled nature and provide a variety of additional events that will extend over the entire weekend.

  • meglice Gozd foto kapele

    The destination of Kočevsko prides itself as a green destination for a reason, as almost 90% of the area is covered by forests, and with our efforts to develop a sustainable tourist offer and raise awareness of this, we are further consolidating its green reputation. Here, we present an overview of the activities we carried out in the field of sustainable development between 2020 and 2023.

  • Kocevsko Zvlakominkole 7

    Kočevsko is becoming increasingly more recognizable as a destination for active cycling adventures. In case you dont't bring your own bike or e-bike you can always rent one in Kočevje.

  • Lake Kočevje

    Lake Kočevje is one of the water treasures of Kočevsko that has become an extremely popular location for fishing in the last few years, so a new regime of regulated fishing was implemented in 2020.

  • Burgermeister zupanovopivo kocevje7

    BÜRGERMEISTER - Mayor's beer

    Written by: Kočevsko

    This year, the MATT brewery has developed a new innovative product, where participants can transform into a beer-brewer for one day in the heart of Kočevsko. The mayor of the municipality of Kočevje, dr. Vladimir Prebilič, was delighted to get to know this process and brewed the mayor's beer called Bürgermeister.

  • Evrazijski ris

    The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is the largest wild cat in Europe and one of the three large beasts that still inhabit the forests of Kočevsko (along with the brown bear and the grey wolf).

  • Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 682 2

    Welcome to Kočevsko, Slovenia

    Written by: Kočevsko

    Slovenia is reopening for tourism and we are happy to welcome guests from all over the world again looking to spend their vacation in one of the most forested and naturally preserved regions in Europe.

  • Miran Krape+z 1

    Bear's winter sleep

    Written by: Kočevsko

    The brown bear is the largest European representative of the carnivora order and is known as the most characteristic animal representative of Kočevsko, that is dormant in winter and often sleeps through the colder months.

  • Safe green

    At this time of uncertainty due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, success in the tourism industry depends on guests' strust in being able to spend holidays in Slovenia without compromising their health and safety.

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