Fishing on Lake Kočevje - a new regime of regulated fishing

Written by: Kočevsko

Lake Kočevje is one of the water treasures of Kočevsko that has become an extremely popular location for fishing in the last few years, so a new regime of regulated fishing was implemented in 2020.

Kocevsko Jost Gantar 166

Due to its exceptional location in unspoiled nature and only a stone's throw from the city center, Lake Kočevje attracts many domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year.

Photo: Jošt Gantar


Lake Kočevje was formed after 1978, when brown coal-mining stopped and the bottom of the mine basin area was gradually flooded. Lake Kočevje is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia, with cold and oxygen-rich water where many plant and animal species are successfully thriving.

In 2020 we successfully implemented a new regime of regulated fishing on Lake Kočevje. Fishing can now only take place at one of the fifteen regulated and marked fishing locations, and fishermen have to pay a fee of EUR 17/per day for the use of location. Fishing locations are marked with special plates, which indicate the number of each location and its name (eg. Ribolovno mesto 1 OTOKI (Fishing Location 1 ISLANDS)). Prior to use, each fisherman must register the use of a fishing location at TIC Jezero in the immediate vicinity of Lake Kočevje, where they also receive a magnetic card which allows them access to the sanitary facilities in Camp Jezero Kočevsko and the use of toilets and showers (during open season of the camping facilities).

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Lake Kočevje is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia.

Photo: Jurij Pelc


In addition to the use of the fishing location, the payment fee also includes parking near TIC Jezero (parking by the lake shore or by the fishing location is prohibited!). Users also receive three trash bags for waste separation, which they can dispose at the ecological island at TIC Jezero. Users are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and cleaning-up of the fishing area before departure, and for separating and recycling of waste in proper containers to prevent pollution of the lake environment. It is prohibited to drink or brawl, use uncertified gas appliances, burn open fire, disturb public order and peace with music or other noise, dig ditches, fence the area with wires or combustible materials, saw or break trees, dispose of garbage or destroy inventory in fishing locations.

This regime of regulated fishing applies to all fishermen, including locals who are members of the Fishing Family Kočevje and reside within the Municipality of Kočevje. They must also announce the use of a fishing location in advance at the TIC Jezero (in person, by phone or e-mail) and pick up waste separation bags there in order to leave the fishing spot clean and without trash. In their case, the compensation for the use of fishing location will be covered by the Fishing Family Kočevje, while the payment of the tourist tax will be exempted for citizens of the Municipality of Kočevje. For other members of the Kočevje Fishing Family, who do not have their permanent residence registered in our municipality, the cost of compensation for the use of the selected fishing location will also be covered by the Fishing Family Kočevje.


The announcement of use of the fishing location and the registration of fishermen takes place in the TIC Jezero, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Kočevje.

Photo: Vasja Marinč


Fishermen must also have the appropriate fishing permit (one-day or three-day), which can be purchased at TIC Jezero and at some other locations in Kočevje (Kostevc store or via the website of the Fishing Family Kočevje).

This new regulated fishing regime will help increase transparency at Lake Kočevje, and fishermen will now pay tourist tax, thus become part of the official statistics of guests and the number of overnight stays in Kočevsko. Compliance with the new fishing regime will be monitored by the guards of the Fishing Family Kočevje, and any violations will be sanctioned by the inter-municipal inspectorate and the police.

Ribolovnamesta kocevskojezero 2022

Fishing at Lake Kočevje is only allowed in marked fishing locations. Fishermen are obliged to register the use of the desired fishing location at TIC Jezero, where the records of occupancy are kept.

 In 1989, the Kočevje fishing family started keeping large quantities of fish, mainly predators and carp. The lake is considered to be excellent for carp fishing and recently also for predator fishing. In addition to carp and pike, Lake Kočevke is also inhabited by grass carp, catfish, zander, chub, common perch, tench and redfin. The Kočevje fishing family holds a special fishing regime for fishing on Lake Kočevje that can be found on the fishing family's website and on the fishing permit itself.

The fishing season at Lake Kočevje is year-long for some fish (eg carp and grass carp), or seasonal for others: tench (1.7. – 30.4.), chub (1.7 – 30.4.), pike (1.5. – 31.1.), zander (1.6. – 31.1.), asp (1.7. – 30.4.) and catfish (1.7. - 30.4.). Permitted daily catch includes: 1 carp or 1 asp or 2 tenches or 3 chubs or 1 grass carp or 2 catfish.


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