Stories from Kočevsko

  • kocevsko Bunker Skrilj seznam

    The Škrilj Bunker: Voices from the Underworld

    Written by: Mihael Petrovič ml.

    Sometimes we need to go deep underground to experience the most interesting things. The Škrilj Bunker has been a well-kept secret for a long time, but today it is open to all visitors. Enter a world where few were allowed to go in the past.

  • Kocevsko Kocevarji seznam 2

    The Gottscheers lived in the area of Kočevsko for more than 600 years and developed a unique dialect – Gottscheerish. Get to know where and how they lived, how they provided for themselves and what their fate was.

  • Kocevsko Medved 4

    Bear encounter

    Written by: Kočevsko

    The forests of Kočevsko are shared by many inhabitants, including the brown bear. It is wise to keep in mind recommendations on how to behave and act when visiting the forest.

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