The mysterious forest of Kočevska region is hiding cycling trails where you get to explore every corner of this unspoiled nature. Beautiful views, wealth of natural and cultural attractions and picturesque villages can be discovered on well-groomed trails of various difficulty levels, suitable for a nice family day out, as well as the adventure tour for adrenaline seekers.

  • Dormouse route

    51, 5 km
    The medium difficulty path passes through wooded huts for polhanje (dormouse hunting), which has a long tradition in Kočevje.
  • Family route

    14 km
    Take a family bicycle trip will lead you past many sights of the Kočevsko region.
  • In the embrace of Kočevski Rog

    64 km
    Marked with bear’s paw symbol, the trail reveals many natural and cultural sights.
  • Kolpa Trail

    70 km
    Are you interested in the treasures that beholds the Kolpa River? Explore this enchanting and challenging trail on the bycicle!
  • Lynx route - long

    61, 5 km
    This pleasant cycling route invites you to discover the numerous towns and amazing nature of the Kočevsko region.
  • Lynx route - short

    51 km
    Exploring the towns and forests of Kočevsko region on the bicycle.
  • Route along the Kočevje springs - long

    31, 5 km
    A pleasant cycling route where you will find many interesting attractions of Kočevsko region.
  • Route along the Kočevje springs - short

    14, 5 km
    A short and undemanding path leading past many of the attractions of Kočevsko region.
  • Stojna route

    33 km
    The path leads past the Fridrihštajn Castle, the Kočevje Lake and many other sights. It is 33 km long, and it takes about 5 hours ride from start to finish.
  • To the land of Peter Klepec

    21 km
    The 21 km long route reveals the thickest walnut in the Kočevska Reka, the lake and the rainforest. The path also leads through the so-called Kočevski Vršič.