Cycling through Kočevsko

Cycle at your own pace along the vibrant terrain of the landscape of Kočevsko, explore the beauty of nature and reward yourself with extraordinary views. You can discover the richness of natural and cultural sights on well-kept trails of different difficulty levels, suitable for a pleasant family trip or a more demanding adventure tour

Cycling trails

  • Marjan Artnak Kostelski grad 1 2

    The Lower Kolpa Valley

    A circular trail that takes you from Kočevje all the way to Kolpa River.

    • 70.0km
    • 4:30h
    • 650m
    • Moderate
  • Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 626 2

    The Family-Friendly Circular Route

    This short family-friendly bicycle trip will lead you past many sights of the Kočevsko region.

    • 14.0km
    • 1:00h
    • 140m
    • Easy
  • 13 Vasja Marinc Zaga Rog 2 3

    The Doe Route

    Cycling route which takes you to the heart of Kočevski Rog.

    • 51.0km
    • 4:00h
    • 800m
    • Moderate
  • DSC03551 Borovska pot

    Borovec nature trail

    Observe the mighty trees of the forest reserve Pragozd Krokar, past which leads the Borovška nature trail.

    • 7.10km
    • 3:00h
    • 330m
    • Moderate

E-bike rental in Kočevje

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In Kočevje you can rent bikes or e-bikes at Hostel Bearlog. Available are quality bikes for men, women and children.

EXCITING, TASTY and WILD – a 3-day cycling trip around Kočevsko

Discover the vast forests of Kočevsko, its beauty and culinary specialties on a guided e-bike tour.

Cycling along the bear paths

Run adrenaline through your body and push your limits while cycling and getting to know the beauties of Kočevsko.

Mountain Biking

For a dose of pure adrenaline, visit the MTB Trail Centre Kočevje, which offers downhill trips on mountain bike trails that run along the Stojna mountains. Even the youngest riders can test their cycling skills on a small skill track.

Information about cycling trails, shuttle reservations and bicycle guide rental options is available to you in all TICs of Zavod Kočevsko, and you can also write them at:

Encountering Wild Animals

There are a lot of animals in the forests of Kočevsko, but there are few encounters with them, because they scare easily and avoid contact with humans. If you encounter a wild animal while cycling, stay calm. Back away slowly, do not scream, and do not throw objects at it. It is most likely that the animal will withdraw quickly. The same advice applies to bear encounters. If the bear does not retreat, try to speak with a calm voice to make it aware of your presence. Never run from a bear, climb a tree or approach it.

Safe on the way: Before leaving for the trip, check the map and upload it to your GPS device.

For more information about cycling routes and experiences, visit the Slovenia Outdoor website.

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