What do local residents think of tourism in Kočevsko?

Written by: Kočevsko

In 2019 we conducted a survey with 111 residents and asked them about tourism development in Kočevsko and its impact on their daily life.

As many as 97% of participants support the tourist development in Kočevsko and 92 % of them gave the highest possible positive response. The participants also favorably responded to the question that in our Municipality the positive effects of tourism outweigh the negative ones (95.5%).

Residents are very satisfied (93%) or satisfied (2%) with the work of our Institute in the field of tourism development, and support the priority of tourism development (96.4%). The local population agrees that tourism and tourist visitors benefit the local community (97.3%) and that tourism has a generally positive impact on the local identity, culture, and heritage of destination Kočevsko (96.4%).


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97% of the participants support the tourist development of the destination Kočevsko, and 98% are satisfied with the work of the Institute Kočevsko regarding the development of tourism.

Our residents are also satisfied with their involvement and influence in the planning and development of tourism (97.3%; 2.7% were undetermined) and agree that tourism cares for the protection and conservation of nature in our destination (95% of them agreed; 5% were undetermined). Respondents also supported the claim that tourism does not cause pollution (94.6%; 5.4% was undetermined), but also helps to create and strengthen ecological awareness in the local population (92.8%; 7.2% were undetermined). The number of visitors to our destination during the high season is not overwhelmingly  high and consequently does not cause disturbances with the local population, which was 100% unanimously supported by the answers. It was also agreed that further development of tourism in the destination does not increase traffic issues (81.1%; 18.9% were undetermined).

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The surveyed population agrees that the increase in the number of tourists contributes to the development of the local economy (94.6%; 5.4% were undetermined) and also to the general quality of life (90.1%, 9.9% were undetermined). Residents also agreed that they have the opportunity to participate in planning sustainable tourism practices (94.6%; 5.4% were undetermined) and are well informed about tourism development in our destination (97.3%; 2.7% were undetermined).

 The inhabitants of our destination, as well as elsewhere in Slovenia, are in favor of the development of tourism, which is recognized as a positive economic activity. Local population recognizes the overall benefits of tourism, while individuals also see opportunities for themselves. Our results deviate positively at the question about enhancing and building the ecological awareness of the local population with the help of tourism development, which in some other destinations only has a minimal impact, and the fact that the tourism in more besieged destinations also increases traffic problems, which is not the case in Kočevsko. In Slovenia, the overall assessment is that the people agree with the fact that tourism has a positive economic effect for the local communities and positively contributes to the quality of life. Unlike in some other destinations, our resident’s responses also showed that our cooperation with local participants is already well developed and that we are doing well at informing the public about the local development of tourism.


Photo source: slidesgo / Freepik
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