We surveyed visitors to Kočevsko. Here's what they had to say.

Written by: Kočevsko

In 2019, Institute Kočevsko surveyed visitors to our destination, to obtain and gather information about our guests, their opinions about Kočevsko and their knowledge of various practices in our destination.

The survey included 150 domestic and foreign visitors and the surveys were based on the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) developed by the European Commission.

At the time of the survey, most visitors of Kočevsko arrived from distances up to 100 km (45.33%) and 150 km (32%), while fewer visitors traveled more than 200 km (22.67%), which is less than the Slovenian average observed in the survey data of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (448 km). Within the destination, the majority of visitors chose to travel by bicycle (48%), some explored the destination on foot (17.33%), while the rest opted to travel with organized transport, by car or motorbike (34.67%). Compared to the data on the average use of soft mobility in Slovenia, which was used by about one-third of visitors, there was a greater proportion of visitors in our destination who used soft mobility or hiked to discover Kočevsko.

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More than half of the respondents visited Kočevsko for the first time (57%). Of the returning visitors, most have been to Kočevsko for up to 5 times (56.25%), few returned up to 10 times (29.68%) or more than 10 times (14.1%). This indicator greatly depends on the type of destination and its tourist offer, but the fact that visitors like returning to Kočevsko, which is a developing tourist destination, is encouraging.

As many as 81% of visitors also stayed overnight within the destination. Among those, the amount spent per day ranged from 50 to 100 EUR (52.9%), while a smaller proportion spent between 100 and 200 EUR (28.9%), less than 50 EUR (13.2%) or more than  200 EUR (4.9%). Most destinations in Slovenia classify in the mid-range of visitor consumption, but the long-term goal is to attract more tourists and guests who are willing to spend a larger sum for their travel experiences, which greatly depends on the supportive offer that complements the destination experience: cuisine, accommodation and quality experiences and adventures. Daily visitors mostly spent between 25-50 EUR (41.4%) or 50-100 EUR (37.9%), with no one spending more than 200 EUR.

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Surveyed visitors largely confirmed (81%) that they are aware of our efforts and initiatives for the development of sustainable tourism and were on the whole satisfied with their visit to Kočevsko (95% answered affirmatively, of which 76% gave the highest rating), which also corresponds to the average data of other Slovenian destinations.

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