Following the Footsteps of Wild Animals

Written by: Kočevsko

In Kočevsko, there are many forest areas whose structure is close to original forests, as is reflected in the incredible conservation of numerous animal species found there. Get to know the numerous inhabitants of this mysterious forest. 

While discovering the magic of the intact nature of Kočevsko, you will get to know the mightiness of the Kočevje forests. The mysterious Slovenian forests will show you how it offers shelter and a habitat for many animal species while hiding the remains of old-growth forests in its deepest corners, where only nature has been managing the area for centuries without any human intervention. There are six such forests in the Kočevsko region, which is nearly half of all registered old-growth forests in Slovenia, and the biggest among them, Pragozd Krokar, was entered on the UNESCO list of natural heritage in 2017, which demonstrates the great importance of these areas. In these forests, decayed trees are neither cut-down nor are they cleaned up, forest fruits are not picked, and animals are not disturbed. Because we want to preserve these forests for our descendants, we do not enter them, however, we can visit the edges of these forests on marked trails, and admire and feel their mightiness by looking into them.

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The Kočevje landscape offers adventures of primal experiences of forests, where you can feel the immense power of nature and discover the beauty that nature has bestowed upon us, relax in the shade under the treetops and listen to the soothing sounds of the landscape.

The mightiness of our forests has also been preserved by responsible and sustainable management, which also contributes to the fact that Kočevsko is the cradle of responsible co-existence with wild animals, particularly large animals, because this is one of those rare areas of Europe where all three large animals can be found in their natural environment: the brown bear, the wolf and the lynx.

Our programmes for watching and tracking the presence of signs of wild animals in their natural habitat are intended for all enthusiastic observers of wilderness and lovers of nature and animals who will have the unique opportunity in the Kočevsko region, the mysterious forest of Slovenia, to uncover the magic of untouched nature and get to know the life of the big beasts and their role in the forest.

When establishing contact with wild animals, responsible, monitored and appropriately guided observance is of key importance, because too much contact between people and wild animals can have numerous negative consequences for the latter.

While observing, you will get to know the attractiveness of nature and feel the mightiness of these animals, follow the signs of their presence in the environment, and with a bit of luck, perhaps see one of the forest inhabitants in its natural surroundings. By following footprints and other signs of wild animals in the programmes, experienced guides will provide you with many interesting facts and make sure you will have an unforgettable adventure.

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