Stories from Kočevsko

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    Life with devils and witches

    Written by: Petra Šolar

    In times without television and radio, people from Kostel told stories to their children, who were keeping warm by the stoves at night, that they had heard from their parents or grandparents.

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    In 2019, Institute Kočevsko surveyed visitors to our destination, to obtain and gather information about our guests, their opinions about Kočevsko and their knowledge of various practices in our destination.

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    9 Facts About Kočevsko

    Written by: Kočevsko

    Kočevsko, The Secret Forest of Slovenia, is one of the greenest parts of our country that builds it's tourist offer based on the principles of sustainability.

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    Destination Kočevsko mainly consists of forest landscapes, where green experiences await at every step of the way, and because we want to preserve nature for future generations, we have prepared some guidelines that visitors should keep in mind to be even more respectful of nature.

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    According to the standards of the Green destinations organization, Slovenia is the first fully-rated green country, and within the national program Slovenia Green, destination Kočevsko has already been evaluated as a Green destination, where green experiences await at every step.

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    The Valley of Poljane by the river Kolpa carries a very rich folk tradition, and many tales were recorded by individuals already a century ago. 

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    In Kočevsko, there are many forest areas whose structure is close to original forests, as is reflected in the incredible conservation of numerous animal species found there. Get to know the numerous inhabitants of this mysterious forest. 

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    Spaha Archaeological Site above Brezovica by Predgrad

    Written by: Vesna Jerbič Perko, Pokrajinski muzej Kočevje

    Kočevsko holds many attractions well beyond the mysterious forest. Take the first archaeological trail in Kočevsko and discover the traces of life that was present in this area as early as 4500 BC.  

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