6 ideas for a trip to Kočevsko

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Kočevsko is an ideal destination for anyone who loves nature and likes to enjoy intact forests, adrenaline-filled hiking and biking adventures, true wilderness or needs a break from the stressful everyday life.

Kočevsko is only an hour's drive away from Ljubljana, so it is suitable for shorter trips, but you can also spend a longer vacation in our wild, but nice nature, where you can relive your carefree youth. To make things easier for you and your explorations of our Secret Forest we prepared a list of 6 ideas to help you wander around this green corner of Slovenia - according to the current appeal of World Tourism Organization - Stay home, travel tomorrow - you can visit us today virtually and explore our nature live tomorrow.

Kočevsko Lake

Kočevsko Lake is located just a short walk away from the center of Kočevje and is a frequently visited scenic viewpoint where various events take place in the summer. The path that runs around the lake is a popular spot for locals for hiking or spending time while enjoying a scenic view of the lake or watching the various animal species that reside here.

Kocevsko Jost Gantar 117

Kočevsko Lake is a popular recreation and sightseeing spot for visitors and locals alike.

Photo: Jošt Gantar and Nea Culpa


Mestni vrh

Hiking lovers will be delighted with the ascent to Mestni vrh, on top of which you’ll be greeted with the ruins of the former Fridrihštajn Castle (which offered refuge to Friderik of Celje and Veronika of Desenice and is a reminder of their forbidden love story) and enjoy an extraordinary view of the town Kočevje. You can choose between paths of various difficulties to get to the top, while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

 Kocevsko Nea culpa Jost Gantar 5003 

Photo: Jošt Gantar and Nea Culpa


The Queen of Rog

Not far from the Primeval forest of Rajhenav reigns a mighty fir that measures 55 m in height and over 500 cm in size, which is why it was named the Queen of Rog. Every year, many hikers pass it on one of the most difficult and extreme hikes in Slovenia called Following in the Bear's Footsteps, which extends for 64 km through our secret forests.


16 Vasja Marinc Debela jelka 2

The Queen of Rog is a mighty fir tree, measuring 55 m in height and over 500 cm in circumference.

Photo: Vasja Marinč


Green mobility

Kočevsko is a proud holder of the Slovenia Green label, which strives for the sustainable development and promotion of green tourism in Slovenia. For exploring Kočevsko and the Secret Forest, choose hiking or biking instead of a car - you can easily cycle through the town of Kočevje with a rented KOLU bike or rent a quality mountain bike at the Bearlog Hostel, which will make exploring more distant forest trails a lot easier.

Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 212

Biking is an ideal way to explore Kočevsko.

Photo: Jošt Gantar and Nea Culpa


Experience the heartbeat of wild nature

In Kočevsko, exceptional nature awaits you at almost every step, and here you can experience and feel the heartbeat of primeval forests and sense its soothing wilderness. Embark on a guided wildlife adventure, opt for an unforgettable adventure of wildlife survival and experience the forests of Kočevsko, or visit an adrenaline-filled training centre and transform into a Special Forces operative. In the embrace of the forests, you can also enjoy the calming rural beat and choose to spend the night on a tourist farm, where you can try tasty local culinary delights, or opt for accommodation in more traditional forest lodging - cottages, where you will be fascinated by their simple homeliness.


Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 470

Nature survival will test your ingenuity and make you forget about the stressful everyday life.

Photo: Jošt Gantar and Nea Culpa


Forest River Kolpa

The Kolpa River is a popular and attractive spot for visitor and campers from all around the world. In the summertime, its beaches are suitable for sunbathing, while the water offers quick refreshing swimming breaks and relaxation. You can also experience the river’s beauty by participating in different adrenaline sports - from rafting and canoeing to fishing, or biking and walking along the trails that run along the River.

Kocevsko Nea Culpa Jost Gantar 120

You can try rafting on the Kolpa River or just recharge your batteries by listening to its soothing sound.

Photo: Jošt Gantar and Nea Culpa
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