The Green Destination

Kočevsko is a green destination, where the residents are striving hard to keep it that way. We want to enjoy the beautiful nature of our country for a long time, breathe fresh air and drink clean water. We believe that precisely this diversity of the natural world is the reason for your visit. We are happy to see you, so we want to share the principles we live by in Kočevsko with you. 

Do not leave anything behind.

We only have a single rule here – leave the natural environment behind in the same state as you found it. Take all your waste, even organic, to the garbage bins in towns. Only make a fire in suitably prepared places and put it out completely before you leave, as well as clean everything up after you. But do not light fires during periods of high fire risk!

Keep Water Clean and Drinkable

The right to clean drinking water is embodied in the Slovenian Constitution, which we are very proud of. Water is clean and drinkable throughout Slovenia, so it is recommended that you pour tap water into your reusable bottles. 

Water resources are priceless and unfortunately not unlimited. Help us preserve the wealth of water resources by taking a short shower instead of a bath, and by turning off water while brushing your teeth. 

Visit Nature Well-Prepared

Before visiting nature, check the weather forecast and adjust the plan according to your knowledge, capabilities and skills. Be sure to wear proper footwear and equipment, as your safety comes first. We want you to enjoy the activities, while respecting nature and its inhabitants.
The forests of Kočevsko are not covered with a phone signal everywhere, and there are not many forest huts that offer the possibility of purchasing food and beverages. Take enough water and lunch with you and equip yourself with appropriate maps.

Respect the Plants and Animals

We share nature with plants and animals. It is exciting precisely because of them, so we need to treat the natural beauty with a gentle and friendly touch. Just observe the plants and animals and do not damage, disturb or take them out of their natural environment. Wild flowering meadows are pastures for indigenous Slovenian bees, which are given great importance and attention in Slovenia. It is recommended that you book a tour with a local guide for the most beautiful experience of the Slovenian wilderness, who will introduce you to the forest and safely bring you into the forested animal kingdom.

Bees are extremely important for our lives, as about a third of global food production depends on pollination. We take care of their preservation.

Admire the Virgin Forest from a Distance

The virgin forest is an area where forests are left to their natural development. So we do not enter the virgin forest, cut, harvest dead trees, pick forest fruits or disturb the animals. Life in the virgin forest is left to nature; people therefore must keep out. Mind the two parallel blue lines marking the forest and virgin forest reservations. You should always visit forest reservations only on the trails and marked trails, and admire virgin forests at the edges of marked trails or from designated observation points.

You can help preserve the delicate natural balance in protected areas of Slovenian nature by walking on designated trails and marked pathways. Any stroll outside the designated trail can cause biotic imbalance.

Respect Other People’s Property

In nature, there are often no visible borders, fences and people, so it can make us forget about the owners of the land and buildings. Agricultural and forestry activities are carried out in most areas of Slovenia. Do not use land or harvest crops, such as fruit, agricultural products or firewood, without the permission of the owner. Also, do not use observation stands for hunters, although they may be tempting. Observation stands are the property of the Slovenia Forest Service, and their use is permitted only to authorised persons.

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