• osilnica bezgarska planina thumbnail2

    Osilnica - Bezgarska Pasture Mountain Trail

    Trail taking you from the smallest Slovenian municipality of Osilnica to the town of Kočevje.

    • 2.90km
    • 2:00h
    • 300m
    • Hard
  • osilniska planinska pot thumbnail

    Osilniška Mountain Trail

    Take the 4,8 km long Osilniška planinska pot mountain trail.

    • 4.80km
    • 4:00h
    • 500m
    • Moderate

    River Kolpa Trail

    An easy- going walk along the Kolpa River leads us past many energy points.

    • 27.20km
    • 6:00h
    • 40m
    • Easy
  • Roska pot 2

    Rog Hiking Trail

    Marked with a bear’s paw symbol, the trail is a real opportunity for several days of exploring the forests of Rog region.

    • 64.0km
    • 18:00h
    • Hard
  • 06 Vasja Marinc Pugled 3 1

    The Pugled

    Path leading past forest reserves and many World War II monuments.

    • 16.50km
    • 4:30h
    • 460m
    • Moderate
  • Neznana Spaha1 min

    The Unknown Spaha Hiking Trail

    On a 3.5 km long trail, you will discover the history of this part of the Kočevsko region.

    • 3.50km
    • 1:00h
    • 240m
    • Moderate
  • Kocevsko Osilnica Peter Klepec Jost Gantar

    To the Land of Peter Klepec

    This route will lead you past many picturesque spots and all the way to Osilnica, the Land of Peter Klepec.

    • 85.50km
    • 5:00h
    • 1.50km
    • Hard
  • trimckova pot thumbnail

    Trimček Mountain Trail

    An intermediate difficulty level circular path that will take you through the forests of Kočevsko.

    • 11.50km
    • 5:00h
    • 830m
    • Moderate
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