• stari log pugled ziben thumbnail

    Stari Log – Pugled - Žiben Mountain Trail

    Take a 10.2 km long journey to explore the forest reserves of Kočevska region.

    • 10.20km
    • 3:00h
    • 320m
    • Moderate
  • Kocevsko Nea culpa Jost Gantar 5003

    Stojna Route

    The cycling route runs along the Stojna Hill rising above the town of Kočevje.

    • 38.0km
    • 3:00h
    • 750m
    • Moderate
  • Pugled 2

    The Pugled

    Path leading past forest reserves and many World War II monuments.

    • 16.50km
    • 4:30h
    • 460m
    • Moderate
  • Neznana Spaha1 min

    The Unknown Spaha Hiking Trail

    On a 3.5 km long journey, you will discover the history of this part of the former German language island in Kočevsko region.

    • 3.50km
    • 1:00h
    • 240m
    • Moderate
  • v dezelo petra klepca thumbnail

    To the Land of Peter Klepec

    This route will lead you past many picturesque spots and all the way to Osilnica, the Land of Peter Klepec.

    • 85.50km
    • 5:00h
    • 1.50km
    • Hard
  • trimckova pot thumbnail

    Trimček Mountain Trail

    An intermediate difficulty level circular path that will take you through the forests of Kočevsko.

    • 11.50km
    • 5:00h
    • 830m
    • Moderate