Three Municipalities, One Destination

In the midst of a mighty landscape, which is mostly covered by forest, three municipalities intertwine. Kočevje, Osilnica and Kostel together form the destination of Kočevsko. Discover and experience the numerous activities that are offered and set yourself on new adventures


Kočevje is the largest municipality and at the same time the economic, tourist, cultural and educational centre of Kočevsko. The karst River Rinža flows through the town, which gives it a special charm. When going on an adventure into the secret forests, you can combine them with urban and culturally-rich experiences. Visit the events, enjoy the art of the sculptor Stane Jarm and get to know the history of the region.


Osilnica is  known as the Land of Peter Klepec according to legend.   The picturesque valley is surrounded by mountains, and the biggest tourist attraction is the River Kolpa, which offers many opportunities for active leisure time. Go down the river, explore the hiking and cycling trails, and approach the primeval period at the Krokar virgin forest. The annual longboarding competition, which bravely descends along the steep turns of the road to Osilnica, gives the town a burst of youthfulness.


The landscape of Kostel is adorned with unspoilt nature and rich cultural heritage. The town is best known for the newly restored Kostel Castle, which lies on a pointed hill above the River Kolpa. From the mighty castle complex you can see picturesque views of the valley of the River Kolpa. Explore numerous karst caves, admire the Nežica waterfall and climb to the Kuželj natural window in search of an extraordinary view.

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