In the summer months, the Kolpa River is quite lazy and suitable for a family run in calm waters, but in the spring months it is running wild and ideal for adrenaline rafting. With adequate wind you can also sail along the Rudniško Lake.

What would you prefer, boating or adrenaline raft? In the summer months, the Kolpa River can be calm and lazy or wild and suitable for the adrenaline raft in the spring months.

  • Boating

    The Kolpa River, with its clean waters is adaptable for downhills that almost anyone can afford. Visitors can choose between one, two or more days of organized canoeing, boating or mini rafting.
  • Sailing

    The Rudniško Lake is the natural treasure of Kočevsko region, big enough for smaller vessels navigation, such as Mini 12 boats, lasers and optimists.
  • SUPing

    You can paddle along the Kočevje Lake on your own SUP or you can rent one.
  • Swimming

    The natural swimming pools are in abundance in Kočevsko and definitely the right choice to cool down in the summer months. The Kolpa River is known as one of the cleanest and warmest rivers in Slovenia.