Experience Nature with Horses

Discover the secret corners of Kočevsko from a horse’s saddle and fuse with nature as much as possible. Exploring the secret forests, the babbling River Kolpa and the remains of history while horseback riding is perhaps the most authentic way of experiencing the landscape of Kočevsko. Horses are intelligent and noble animals that will enrich your experience of nature.

Programmes for Inexperienced Riders

You can explore the forest trails on horseback only with the help of experienced guides, who will safely show you the nicest spots of our secret forest. Riding in nature without proper knowledge can be very dangerous, so inexperienced riders can test themselves in the saddle in a controlled environment. You can ride in a fenced horse-riding arena accompanied by a licensed riding instructor, where you can complete a basic or advanced riding course. Learn more about guided horse-back riding opportunities at: info@kocevsko.com.

Seeking Adventures at Ranch Marina

In Koče near Kočevska Reka, a fairy tale was created in the middle of the forest in 2016. The Ranch Marina tourist complex is intended for all visitors who want to discover the unspoiled nature of Kočevsko and spend their free time in various forms of relaxation. The Ranch has two stables with a total of 31 stalls and a newly covered riding arena (28 x 60 m), where competitions take place in various riding disciplines. For relaxed socialising in nature, the ranch has a picnic area under a hayrack, where you can enjoy the company of kind people and animals. They also offer picnics in nature and comfortable accomodation.

Ranch Marina offers a wide range of activities: a horseback riding school, cycling, walks, social events, summer camps and meetings and local culinary delights, including dishes made from game meat.

Encountering Wild Animals

The horse’s hooves and conversation between riders creates enough noise during horseback riding to warn about the presence of horses and riders in nature, therefore encounters with wild animals in nature are usually very rare. Horses have extremely well-developed senses, so they detect wild animals in the vicinity much earlier than humans. If a horse suddenly stops and stares without moving, there is a high probability it has become aware of a wild animal.

If an encounter with a wild animal occurs, it is most important to stay calm in the saddle and listen to the instructions of the guide in the group. An experienced guide will assess whether the wild animal will retreat or if we are the ones who should retreat.

Horses perceive the energy of the rider, which is why a calm rider can most often mean a calm horse. We never shout on a horse, jump, perform sudden movements, or otherwise try to scare away the wild animals because we can scare our horse.

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