Slovenia GREEN & SAFE - a commitment to responsible, green and safe tourism

Written by: Kočevsko

At this time of uncertainty due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, success in the tourism industry depends on guests' strust in being able to spend holidays in Slovenia without compromising their health and safety.

Under the new GREEN & SAFE label, the Slovenian Tourist Board joined responsible travel standards, which designate and highlight suprerior hygiene standards and protocols, as well as additional sustainable recommendations for tourist service providers and destinations.

Safe green 

Slovenia was one of the first countries in the world to receive the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for the health and hygiene standards that are included in the manual Responsible travel standards of Slovenian Tourism GREEN&SAFE label.

With activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability, we increase the confidence of guests that both Slovenia and the destination Kočevsko are green and safe tourist destinations.

You can read more about the Green & Safe commitment and all current information and recommendations regarding the coronavirus on the website of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Ten foundations of a green and safe Slovenia:
1. We have adopted a high standard of hygiene requirements and protective measures at the national level.
2. The tourism sector respects the measures, requirements and recommendations of the NIJZ.
3. We work in a country which is ranked among the top ten in the world by safety index.
4.We are the first country in the world to boast the Green Destination title as a whole.
5. We are the best in Europe in managing sustainable destinations – supported by the Best of Europe 2020 award.
6. Over 50 Slovenian tourist destinations meet the international requirements of the Green Destinations Standard.
7. We are the only country in Europe where the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain meet. Geographic diversity is related to exceptional biodiversity.
8. Around the country, we develop genuine, boutique and unique 5* experiences for small groups and individuals in cooperation with nature. We are an excellent choice for guests 365 days a year.
9. The quality of our hospitality is based on a clear categorisation of accommodation. Hotels are categorised according to the Hotelstars Union European Criteria.
10. We are a land of hospitable people and friendly local communities. In tourist destinations, we provide cooperation and integration. (Source: Manual Responsible travel standards of Slovenian tourism - Slovenian Tourist Board)


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