How to Get Around

Kočevsko is a green destination, where the distances are short, and the views are picturesque. Therefore, we recommend using sustainable means of transport around Kočevsko. 

If you arrive to Kočevje by car, we advise you to park it on one of the designated parking spaces and visit Kočevje by foot or rent a bike.

Motor home parking is possible at the Camp Jezero Kočevsko, where overnight stays are permitted, and the price includes the use of water and electricity.

KOLU is a public city bike that is available for rent. To rent a bike you will need a user card and a PIN code that you obtain after registration at the cash register of the Municipality of Kočevje and payment of the annual membership fee. Each user is entitled to weekly rental of 14 hours in total.

KOLU Bike rental

In Kočevje you can rent bikes and e-bikes for exploring Kočevsko at Hostel Bearlog.

MTB bikes suitable for riding in the MTB Trail Center Kočevje or exploring the trails of our secret forests can be rented from BikeWorkshop.

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You can travel between places using local buses, which will safely bring you to the destination, while you can observe the surroundings from the window. For more info visit the Nomago website.

If you are traveling in smaller groups (up to a maximum of 30 people) you can book private transportation.

Vili Transports
Vilko Ilc s.p., Gorenje 56, 1332 Stara Cerkev
T: +386 41 744 323 (Vili)
T: +386 51 605 277 (Rok)


For transportation around the area of the Municipality of Kočevje you can also use the on-demand Toyota Go service.

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